Venture Heat City Collection Soft Shell Heated Jacket for Women

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Venture Heats City Collection Heated Jacket for Women provides amazing warmth while eliminating bulk, providing mobility, and has a classy athletic look. For women looking for the perfect blend of comfort, style, and warmth, the answer lies in VentureHeats City Collection. Hair-thin micro-fiber heating elements provide a warming sensation throughout your entire upper body without the hassles of bulky insulated layers. A tailored cut featuring clean lines and smooth curves completes the jackets modern look. To adapt to your individual needs, a built-in temperature controller allows you to adjust the heat to your exact needs. Powered by Venture 604 Lithium Battery Color: Black Lining: Black Mesh Lining Exterior: 100% Polyester Customizable Temperature Controller Slim, Clean Design Hair-Thin Heating Elements Over 5 hours of Powered Heat Quad-Zone Heating: Positioned on targeted core areas of the upper body, the heating components provide strategic heat through two heaters in the chest area and two heaters on the back. Long Lasting Power: Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can rely on our heated gear to perform up to your demands for over 5 hours of heat per charge. Sleek Look. Comfortable Fit: The City Collection features clean lines and smooth curves with a tailored fit. You will feel so comfortable and confident wearing this item, that you will want to wear it everywhere you go, whether you need the extra boost of heat or not. Venture Heated Jacket Includes: 1 Soft Shell Heated Jacket 1 Lithium Ion battery 1 Wall Charger


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