Venture 12V Heated Motorcycle Insoles

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Venture Heats heated insoles are great for riding during the fall and winter. They work great to keep your feet warm during the cold, windy seasons. Full Foot Heat: The heating elements are positioned throughout the entire insole which allows warmth to be circulated within your foot to give the comfort and protection you need. Built for riding enthusiasts: The polyurethane foam absorbs shock to make bumpier roads more comfortable. The contoured shape follows your foots anatomical form for maximum support, flexibility, and comfort.Extend the riding season long into the cold months with Heated Motorcycle Insoles. You will never have to deal with freezing toes again! Heated Insoles Specifications: Heat: XCT Technology Draw: 0.72 Amps/8.6W Each (1.44 Amps/17.2W Total) Source: 12-13.8 Volts DC Connector: DC coax plug (input) Venture Heated gear features the latest in innovation and heating technology enabling you to create your own personal micro-climate with ease. Designed to be powered by a 12V battery, you can connect your Heated Insoles to a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or scooter for endless heated comfort. Keep your toes warm and your feet comfortable with soothing warmth while out on a ride.


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