Venture 12V Heated Grand Touring Gloves

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Venture Heat?s 12V Heated Grand Touring Motorcycle Gloves are all-around great motorcycle gloves. Constructed with premium leather and a waterproof membrane, they are sure to keep your hands protected while you are out on your ride.Turn on the heat with the touch of the button and enjoy comforting warmth throughout your hands to combat cold temperatures and harsh winds.As an added bonus, these heated motorcycle gloves also have touchscreen fingertips so that you can pull over and use your cell phone without even taking your gloves off. Make your next ride more comfortable with a pair of 12V Heated Grand Touring Gloves from Venture Heat. Premium Leather Digital Temp Controller Waterproof Membrane Touch Screen Compatible Built-In Temperature Control Button Temp Control on Back of Glove Easy On/Off Great with our without heat


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