Techniche Heat Pax Air Activated Toe Warmer – Master Case (240ct)

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TechNiche Air Activated Toe Warmer, powered by Heat Pax. Perfect for use within many applications. Simply open the warmer to activate up to 6 hours of constant, safe heat. The adhesive backing and flat design make it perfect for race or work footwear. No chemicals, no batteries, no flame. Non Toxic and biodegradable. Packed as Pairs. 240 pair box. Features: Thin design fits comfortably inside most footwear; adhesive backing ensures warmer stays in place Generates up to 6 hours of warmth Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an air tight container Available in 40 pair Display Cases (3.5 lbs, 1.6 kg) and 240 pair Bulk Cases (23.0 lbs, 10.4 kg) Insert Size: 2.75×94 X 4×94 (7.0 cm X 10.2 cm)


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