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Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat: Medium/Large: 35-70 lbs: 12 – 18 back Keep your dog cool with this Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat from TechNiche International. TechKewl technology is an innovative solution to your overheating K-9 who cannot pant enough to keep the heat away. These dog cooling vests have special pockets for the Cool Pax cooling inserts.Specially designed for working dogs, these cooling vests use Phase Change Cooling Material to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around your dog. Your canine will love this comfortable vest and the instant cooling effect it provides. Ideal for working dogs (police, military, etc) or other canines that work or recreate in high heat conditions Includes COOL PAX™ Phase Change Cooling Inserts Replacement inserts available seperately Outer Material is 100% Cotton 58F/14C Cool Pax™ are great for all climates Activates quickly and will last for hours Colors: Blue Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat Sizes: Small/Medium: 10-30 lbs: 9 – 12 back : Contains one cooling pack Medium/Large: 35-70 lbs: 12 – 18 back : Contains Two cooling packs Large/X-Large: 75-90 lbs: 18 – 24 back: Contains Three cooling packs


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