Bear Hands Toddler 3 Piece Set

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Bear Hands 3 Piece Toddler Set Includes: Infant Mittens, Chinstrap Hat & Mitten Clips! (The perfectly cute winter gift set!) Bear Hands Toddler Set: Toddler Size: 18-36 months Thinsulate Insulation Great Gift Idea Textured Grip Pads Wear these paws, Theyre beary warm & nice.Theyll keep you toasty in the snow & ice! Why Bear Hands™? 1) WARMTH These mittens are warmer than gloves because the fingers are all in a single compartment allowing body heat can accumulate easier. Bear Hands™ mittens even allow the thumb in the same compartment as the fingers! 2) DEXTERITY Bear Hands are designed with very unique finger tip areas that allow almost the same dexterity of a glove. The amazing paw shape is an innovative approach to combining the warmth of mittens with the ability to still use your fingertips.3) EASY ON/OFF Everyone knows that mittens are easier to put on then fingered gloves (especially with toddlers and little kids.) Even the separated thumb can be a hassle, but these Bear Hands™ allow all five digits to fit in a single compartment.


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