ActionHeat 12V Luxury Heated Car Seat Cushion

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The ActionHeat heated seat cushion is perfect for cold weather or winter driving. Soothing heat helps to maintain your metabolism and steady blood circulation. Polyester provides comfort and is easy to clean. Simply plug the 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter into your vehicle and the cushion warms up immediately. Temperature control switch can be set to either to high, low or off. 12 volt Heated Seat Cushion provides warmth during cold winters and evenings! Stylish and comfortable cushion makes your car ride more comfortable. Quicker than your car’s heater! This heated seat cushion gets warm in an instant so you’ll stay toasty warm on the coldest winter day. Take the chill off your car seat with this soft pad that instantly provides warm, radiant heat. Just plug the controller into the cigarette lighter outlet, and choose high or low heat. Fits car, truck, boat and RV seats—elastic straps keep it in place. Even doubles as a heating pad when you’re camping. FEATURES: Perfect for cold winter or evening drives Soothing heats helps to maintain metabolism and steady blood circulation Simply plug into your vehicles 12 volt cigarette lighter to experience the warmth Deluxe heated cushion maintains a temperature between 90 and 120 degrees Straps and hooks secure the cushion to your seat Satin finish is comfortable and easy to clean – just wipe with a damp soft cloth Fits bucket seats


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